You can donate to us through PayPal

If you get the urge to donate to SPARC you can do it in a number of ways such as Everyclick, GiveAsYouLive and good old fashioned coins

If you have a PayPal account you can also donate to us through that. Its quite easy and secure. We appreciate any donation, whatever the amount. Everything donated gets put back into the centre and helps to support the plethora of groups that we run every week.

If you would like to donate you can do so by clicking HERE. Thank you for your support!

Nick has done his run!

Nick: one of our very generous members ran the Manchester half marathon in May raising money for SPARC and achieving an impressive feat of athleticism. If that wasn’t enough Nick also donned a Forrest Gump outfit. Adding the insulation of a hat and fake beard to the already hot day.

We’re still getting sponsorship  money brought in so we are not sure how much has been raised yet but we will be sure to keep everyone updated.

However much is raised, we can all agree that Nicks generosity and dedication is an inspiration to us all.

Keep on running Nick!

Aquarium Software Is Running For SPARC!

Aquarium Software have made us one of their charities of the year! This is great news and to kick it off one of their employees is planning a gruelling 62 mile run to raise money for us and two other equally deserving causes.

All is explained; in their words below:

Aquarium Software based in Cheshire, have been operating for over 10 years and provide technical solutions to the Fintech and Insuretech sectors.  As part of their Corporate Social Responsibility policy they have chosen three charities to support, SPARC being one of them.  

One of Aquarium’s employees, Gavin Reynolds, is raising money by taking on the ‘Race to The Stones’, a 2 day, 100km ultra-marathon along Britain’s oldest path; The Ridgeway. His goal is to raise £1,000 for their charities, but with over a month to go before the run he and everyone at Aquarium are hoping they can raise much more! His page can be found at

So good luck to Gavin and thank you to Aquarium for thinking of us! Its uplifting to know that there are businesses with such strong values of social responsibility and community. That choose to support charities at a local level and understand that mental health is an important issue for us all.

A Generous Donation From Stockport Rotary Club!

On Monday we had a visit from Stockport Rotary Club who came to the centre to make a very Generous donation of £500.

James Campbell met Clyde Raine, Mary Griffiths James and Bernadette Holgate and took them on a tour of the centre. We discussed issues around mental health, funding and how important community based work can be for people.

We would like to thank everyone from the Stockport Rotary Club for their generosity!

Local businesses make a difference

We have had some great input from local businesses recently and we really want to show our appreciation for all the time and effort that these organisations put into our charity.

It just shows how supportive and closely knit our community can be. These businesses show how much people care and how people from a variety of walks of life really do come together for a good cause.

The below businesses (click on the logos for their websites) have helped us by providing advice and information, donating products for use in our therapeutic groups and activities, providing valuable cost effective equipment to help meet the needs of our organisation and by donating time and energy to enhance the environment.

So thank you to all those who do what they can. You make a big difference to us and a big difference to your community!colour-logo-7001






Thank you Judith and Tina!

This week we said goodbye to Tina and Judith; DSCF1626the lovely ladies from INspirED. Tina and Judith have been running a hugely popular and successful I.C.T. course here at the centre. The hard work and dedication that they have put into this course has been reflected in the enjoyment and progression of those who attended.

Unfortunately due to funding we have to say goodbye to them for now; but we do hope to have them back as soon as we can.

So thank you both very much!

(If you would like to find out more about INspirED click here)


New storage for Creative Textiles!

We have had a very generous donation recently that has allowed us to purchase some nice new storage units tidy up the Creative Textiles room. It now looks a lot more spacious; will allow more members to be able to enjoy the group and allow us to store more materials for more creative projects.

Thank you very much to those who donated!