The full story of SPARC4Youth so far:

Our youth group started in September 2020 with a weekly Zoom call; a handful of members; and optimism. Since then, it has transformed into a valuable, regularly attended social support group that is ever-changing in line with group members’ needs and ideas.

The aim of the group is to connect young people in Stockport between the ages of 18 and 30 with others their age that have similar mental health experiences in a safe space that allows them to form friendships, be creative and be themselves.

Earlier this year, we were fortunate enough to link up with SazMedia – a local photography studio that offers workshops for young people. SazMedia has kindly provided SPARC4Youth members with fantastic boxes filled with exciting photography materials and a monthly magazine featuring the work of young people from all over Stockport – including SPARC4Youth members! These boxes are thoroughly appreciated and enjoyed by group members, and are always eagerly anticipated.

And in August of this year, we attended a photography trip hosted by SazMedia at Reddish Vale Country Park, where SPARC4Youth members were able to use some of the fantastic equipment that SazMedia has at their disposal – including a masterclass on how to use it!

Currently, we are pleased to offer four groups per week (more details can be found on our timetable):

  • Monday Therapeutic Zoom Workshop 8-9pm
  • Tuesday Cooking & Baking/Games 3:30-4:30pm
  • Friday Social Zoom Workshop with Creative Writing, Photography, Art & Games 2-3pm
  • Sunday Art Workshop 12:30-2:30pm

Sound good?

If you’re interested in joining SPARC4Youth, please see our referral form below. Self-referrals are accepted, provided that you have had contacted with a professional regarding your mental health e.g. GP, psychiatrist, counsellor, youth worker, etc.; are in the Stockport area; and are between the ages of 18 and 30.

Contact us

We’re hoping to expand SPARC4Youth even further soon, so in the meantime follow us on social media for updates:

Twitter: @SPARC4Youth
Facebook: SPARC4Youth
Instagram: @sparc_4_youth

Or contact us for more information:

0161 429 9744

SPARC4Youth Member Feedback

“The activities are engaging, staff are so supportive and go above and beyond to help service users in need as well as making the groups as fun and engaging as possible. Everyone is included and Megan is brilliant at coming up with activities and helping conversation flow to even with social anxiety I feel at ease – even in sessions with new people or after I’ve taken a long absence.”


“Having an hour or two a week to meet and talk to other people my age in a safe environment and do guided activities like art, photography, poetry, and more is a welcome and essential respite in difficult times.”


“The group has introduced me to new people and given me new ways to get through the day.”


“[SPARC4Youth] has been a very helpful resource for me, especially during lockdown. It has given me something to look forward to every week and I always feel better once we are done with a session. The group has been a great success and I hope it will carry on for a long time.”


“Since joining SPARC4Youth, it has helped me with routine [as well as] something positive and pleasant to look forward to.”