How to access SPARC

In order to be able to access SPARC’s activities people need to be aged between 18-64 , resident in Stockport (postcode areas SK1 to SK8) and either currently be accessing or have assessed Adult Secondary Mental Health Services in the past.

Secondary Mental Health Services include:

  • Accessing community mental health services (e.g. Community Mental Health Teams, Recovery & Inclusion Team or Early Intervention Team)
  • Accessing other secondary mental health services )e.g. Inpatients, Consultants, Home Treatment Team etc.)
  • Have been eligible for 12-month fast track back to secondary services

We realise this is quite a complex list so if you’re not sure whether you or the person you are representing is eligible please contact us for a chat.

Our Horizons group (Wednesday evenings) has slightly different referral criteria – please contact us for details.