Current Facts

Here at SPARC, it is our mission to create a non-judgemental, confidence building space for individuals that encourages them to make decisions and stand on their own. We operate on a small team of 13 staff members and volunteer workers who assist in running the centre. 

In our 2018 Evaluative Report, we found: 

“A total of 397 individuals engaged with SPARC and its related activities during 2017/2018, which is a 9.97% increase from last year.”

189 Alliance Counseling Service sessions providing therapy for 51 members, which is a 121.74% increase from last year. 

97 SPARC4me support sessions”

“The Cafe was open 136 times during the year and was supported by 13 volunteers.”

“There were a total of 267 members who visited to take part in general activities offered by SPARC including the alliance counseling service, which is a 9.88% increase from last year.”