Youth Group

Our new youth group for people between the ages of 18 and 30 is now up and running! For the moment, it is entirely online and delivered via Zoom by our Young Person’s Development Worker.

The group meets every Tuesday from 1-2pm to have a chat and engage in creative activities such as poetry, art and creative writing!

The aim is to connect young people with others their age that have similar mental health experiences, and provide a safe space for them to form friendships, be creative and be themselves.

We’re hoping to add more workshops soon, so in the meantime follow us on social media for updates:

Twitter: @SPARC4Youth
Facebook: SPARC4Youth
Instagram: @sparc_4_youth

Please see our referral form below if you’re interested – we’re accepting any young people (18-30) that have had contact with a professional regarding their mental health, including a GP!

Contact us for more information

0161 429 9744

Referral form