Scarborough Success!

This year as many of you may already know we took a trip to Scarborough for the annual SPARC holiday.

It was; and we don’t like to brag (or maybe we do a little bit) an unmitigated success. 2 staff and 7 members took the train from Stockport station into Manchester where we got the train to Scarborough. We were staying at The Grand Hotel which had some great sea views and very nice rooms and food.


During our stay we did a lot of activities and saw a lot of different things. Occasionally we would split into two groups so that everyone got to do what they wanted. One of the days we visited the Rotunda Museum (picture below) and Scarborough Art Gallery. When we finished with these we were sufficiently enlightened about geology and the history of Scarborough and fully infused with new and insightful cultural experiences. So we decided to balance this out by hitting the shops and grabbing a well earned cup of tea and home a made scone.








Another day we visited the sea-life centre where we saw lots of things and even got a chance to feed the sharks. We also saw penguins, otters and seals amongst a plethora of other maritime attractions.


Entertainment at the hotel was all singing and all dancing, there was also bingo and the group enjoyed both of these very much.

All in all it was a fantastic holiday. All that remains is to say a big thank you to the Day Trippers for putting the whole thing together. These trips and holidays couldn’t happen without them. If you would like a little more information about the Day Trippers click here.

Now for some more pictures!