Lets Look at the Art and Craft In-reach Sessions!

The art and craft in-reach sessions have been taking place on Arden and Norbury wards since 2013.

They provide an activity and something creative to do for anyone on the wards. The group helps people socialise, work together and of course have a bit of fun. The projects that the group work on are often displayed on the wards which allows people to have an impact on their environment that they can be proud of .

There are a variety of activities that take place in the sessions, sometimes focused around small pieces of work such as making cards and sometimes people work together on a larger project. The picture below is of the most recent project completed by the group. 

We hope that this group strengthens ties between people on the wards and the rest of SPARC. People often come out of the wards and start attending the centre and we hope that groups like this and the Music In-reach (more info on the way) can make that transition a little bit easier.