CogKNITive Therapy! Knitting Their way to awareness!

CogKNITive therapy is a group that is determined to be seen and heard.

Run by Gill Ball; the group is creating a bandage, not just any bandage. This isn’t a little rag like you might be picturing. It’s a giant 1 stone behemoth. Imagine 31 (and a half) double-decker busses parked end to end and that’s about the length we’re talking about.

The bandage is to raise awareness of mental health issues and to protest against cuts. As they can’t be seen like physical difficulties, the bandage illustrates the magnitude of what 1/4 people cope with every day. Gill hopes to be able to take it to Downing Street to show that mental health is an issue worth fighting for.

Yesterday Gill visited Stockport Mind with the unbelievably large bandage ball, Lynn and Colin (Managers at SPARC and Mind respectively) were there to show our support for this great idea.