New storage for Creative Textiles!

We have had a very generous donation recently that has allowed us to purchase some nice new storage units tidy up the Creative Textiles room. It now looks a lot more spacious; will allow more members to be able to enjoy the group and allow us to store more materials for more creative projects.

Thank you very much to those who donated!



Thank you CDL and give and gain day 2016!

Last Friday as part of give and gain day 2016 CDL put a lot of time and effort into making some much needed improvements to our centre. All the CDL staff did a fantastic job of painting and decorating our gym room and tidying up our garden.

In the gym we now have a lot more floor space, a new coat of paint, new chairs and a new screen that creates a lovely peaceful meeting place for up to four people. The room is now much less cluttered as well as feeling more peaceful and calm. Exactly what we needed to turn it from a (slightly tired looking) gym into a beautiful new wellbeing room.

In the garden new wood chips were put down, the grass was mown, edging was done, weeds were removed and everything was neatened up. The cumulative effect of this was to turn our garden back in into a little oasis and a  truly relaxing place to be.

So a massive thank you to all at CDL from everyone here at SPARC. Efforts like this really do make a difference to a lot of peoples lives.









A great success story form one of our members!

We’d like to say a big well done to Nick; who wrote the below article and asked us to share his success:


My name is Nick and I am a member of the football group. In April I ran in The London Marathon raising money for the mental health charity, Mind. I have bipolar disorder and I find that keeping fit really helps me manage my illness. The marathon was an amazing experience and one that I will never forget. If you had asked me 2 years ago whether I could run a marathon I would have laughed at you. I was unfit, drinking heavily at the weekends and eating all the wrong types of food. I decided I was unhappy with the life I was leading so I did something about it. I began running short distances and then gradually increased the miles. I love the feeling I get from running especially the runners high. I would like to take this opportunity to thank those who sponsored me and to those who wished me luck, I really do appreciate it!